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Developing a framework for the Payment for Environment Services in Watershed Management in the HKH Region Call for Cases on Payment for Environmental Services in Nepal Examples in Watershed ManagementBackground Payment for environmental services (PES) is a mechanism to link upland and lowland communities and promote effective collaboration in managing natural resources. Payment for environmental... 7 years 8 months ago Request group membership
Mountain GIS e-Conference: Promoting Geographic Information and earth Observation Application for the Sustainable Development of the Hindu Kush - Himalayan Region FINAL REPORT HERE 1. Background Mountain geography with its diverse physical, social, and ecological aspects plays one of the most dominant factors influencing mountain development. Activities towards sustainable development in mountain areas must take into account their remoteness and distinct... 8 years 6 months ago Request group membership
A Global Change Research Network for African Mountains From 23-25 July, 2007, a network for global change research on African mountains will be launched in Kampala, Uganda. This workshop will outline priority themes and projects for global change research in mountain regions of Sub-Saharan Africa that are congruent with the Global Change in Mountain... 9 years 1 month ago Request group membership
SARD-M E-Consultation in Preparation for the Third Meeting of the Adelboden Group Welcome to an e-consultation being organized by the FAO Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Mountain Regions (SARD-M) Project in collaboration with the Mountain Forum to prepare for the Third Meeting of the Adelboden Group which will be held at FAO Headquarters in Rome on 1-3... 9 years 2 months ago Request group membership
Mountain to Mountain Cooperation: Sustainable use of biodiversity, including genetic resources, in the Himal-Andes FINAL REPORT HERE This e-conference was organised between 12-30 June, 2006 with the expectation that it would generate a valuable exchange of ideas, experiences and lessons learnt in the management of the two critical mountain regions of the world and help to strengthen existing alliances as... 10 years 1 month ago Request group membership
Mountain Laws and Peoples: Moving Towards Sustainable Development and Recognition of Community-Based Property Rights FINAL REPORT HERE Laws and policies concerning the conservation and sustainable development of mountain peoples and ecosystems are relatively small in number. Yet mountain areas are some of the most important regions in the world and are environmentally, culturally, and economically fragile.... 16 years 3 weeks ago Request group membership
Mountain People, Forests, and Trees: Strategies for Balancing Local Management and Outside Interests FINAL REPORT HERE Finding an equitable balance between the demands of lowland populations and the needs of mountain communities is an increasingly urgent priority, combined with a strong need to balance productive use of forests with their protection.This report documents the comments and case... 17 years 3 months ago Request group membership
Community-Based Mountain Tourism: Practices for Linking Conservation with Enterprise FINAL REPORT HERE Focusing on 74 case studies from Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Europe, South America and North America, the report looks at practices which are proving successful in reducing the negative impacts of tourism and benefiting mountain communities and ecosystems. The... 18 years 3 months ago Request group membership
Investing in Mountains: Innovative Mechanisms and Promising Examples for Financing Conservation and Sustainable Development FINAL REPORT HERE Mountain communities have traditionally been stewards of globally significant mountain resources. As more mountain resources are used, downstream beneficiaries have contributed little or no reinvestment in the resources or their traditional stewards, the mountain communities.... 19 years 5 months ago Request group membership
Culture and Risk: Understanding the Socio-Cultural Settings that Influence Risk from Natural Hazards FINAL REPORT HERE Selected Bibliography here or Reference here Background This e-conference is funded by the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through the project “Too Much Too little water... Request group membership